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Any Tintin Fans Here?

If you’ve not read any of Hergé’s The Adventure of Tintin comic series before, you must have at least heard of it, as it was one of the most popular European comics in the 20th century.


Tintin's Plane By Lachie1023 - Image #01


As Tintin fans ourselves, we were simply drawn in by this simple looking build by Lachie1023 – it features 3 of the main characters in minifigure form – Tintin, Captain Haddock, along with Tintin’s sidekick, Snowy. You’d also find a plane build that has a working spinning propeller, an opening cockpit, and an adjustable feet.

If we have to suggest an improvement to this set, it will be the inclusion of 2 other characters in the comic series – Thomson and Thompson. Nevertheless, the set that Lachie1023 has done is one where all Tintin fans around the world would love to get their hands on (ourselves included.)

Check out more images of this build (4 in total) below…


Tintin's Plane By Lachie1023 - Image #02


Tintin's Plane By Lachie1023 - Image #03


Tintin's Plane By Lachie1023 - Image #04


Tintin's Plane By Lachie1023 - Image #05


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