Are You Ready For Some Magic?

If you’ve been collecting modular building sets from the LEGO Creator series, then this magic shop by Pau Padrós will definitely make a nice addition to your collection.


Magic Shop By Pau Padros - Building Exterior


Constructed from a total of 2,598 LEGO pieces, this magic shop has a total of 3 floors. According to Pau, the exterior of this 3 story house was designed to resemble an old German rustic looking house. Also, the interior of each story was also designed in that, each has its unique feature – the top floor represented how the house used to look like in the olden days, the middle floor represents a re-painted façade floor, while the first floor was completely changed to accommodate the magic shop.


Here’s what the interior looks like:


First Floor: The first floor consists of the Magic Shop itself. When entering, there’s isn’t just a door inside, there’s a tunnel that slowly closes towards the door. There’s also a wand disposal, a magician outfit manikin setup, trophy selves, a bookshelf and the staircase that goes up to the second floor. There is also a stained glass window behind the counter, and lots of flowers on the outside to make it more colorful.


Magic Shop By Pau Padros - First Floor Interior Design


Second Floor: The second floor of the building is the continuation of the shop. There’s a piano, a bookshelf, more trophies, a nice carpet, a desk and a ladder up to the third floor.


Magic Shop By Pau Padros - Second Floor Interior Design


Third Floor: The third floor is the Artist and Scientist’s hideout. Both, very close friends of the owners of the magic shop, who rents them this space so that they can work -no more space in the building!- The Artist’s hideout, on the tall part of the third floor, includes a brick-built large painting, and some sculptures, the Scientist’s hideout, on the low-roofed section, includes two very busy desks on which she does experiments.


Magic Shop By Pau Padros - Third Floor Interior Design


Additionally, Pau has also created a total of 6 minifigures to accompany this build:


Magic Shop By Pau Padros - Minifigures Accompanying The Magic Shop


We are drawn in by this magic shop for the fact that both the exterior as well as the interior of the building was packed full of details – and one which we think will be a very interesting build.


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As at this time of writing, Pau’s magic shop has already received 2,317 votes (and counting). This shop will need another 7,683 votes in order to be considered by the LEGO Ideas review team to be converted to an official LEGO Ideas shop.

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