How About An Architecture-Themed Star Wars Set?

This build by Pfirsichbraut is definitely something new, and one that caught our eye – an architecture-themed Star Wars set.


Star Wars Skyline Set By Pfirsichbraut - Image #01


Comprising of 225 LEGO pieces, you’ll find miniature versions of a little house from Tatooine, the palace from Naboo, the Death Star, as well as the floating city from Bespin in this skyline set.


This set, in our opinion, fits really nicely on an office table – so if you’re both a Star Wars and a LEGO fan, then this set is definitely one you’d love to get your hands on!


Here’s another of this build which Pfirsichbraut has provided (from another angle):


Star Wars Skyline Set By Pfirsichbraut - Image #02


Would You Like To Have This Star Wars Skyline Set On Your Work Desk?

If you share the same sentiments as us and agree that this Star Wars skyline set by Pfirsichbraut is one you’d want to add on to your LEGO collection, then make sure you vote for her build in the LEGO Ideas website here: Click here to show your support by voting for Pfirsichbraut’s Star Wars skyline set… >>