Results of LEGO Ideas First 2017 Review is Out…

Back in August, we posted on 11 LEGO Ideas submissions by AFOLs which managed to attain 10,000 support votes, and will be considered by the LEGO Ideas review team to be turned into official LEGO sets – if you need a refresher on what these submissions are, you can check them out here – Out of These 11 LEGO Builds, Which One’s Your Favorite?


Iron Legacy Light Cycle By BrickBros UK


The results are out – and only BrickBros UK’s Iron Legacy Light Cycle was accepted by the LEGO Ideas review team and they will be produced as an official LEGO Ideas set – so far, there aren’t any details as to when the set will be released, or how much will it cost. Stay tuned, as we will provide you with updates when we have them.

With that, we’d like to offer our heartiest congratulations to BrickBros UK for the awesome achievement! ???

In case you’d like to check out the submission, here it is once again:

Click here to find out more about BrickBros UK’s Iron Legacy Light Cycle build on the LEGO Ideas website… >>


Video Presentation By The LEGO Group Revealing The Results:

Check out this short video presentation by The LEGO Group where they revealed the results of the first 2017 review below: