This Version of Rey’s Speeder Is So Much Better Than The Official LEGO Version

Despite LEGO already has its own Rey’s Speeder (with the LEGO Star Wars Rey’s Speeder 75099 set), but we really hope this version by Robert Lundmark will reach 10,000 supporter votes necessary for it to be considered by the LEGO Ideas review team to be produced as an official LEGO Ideas LEGO set simply because this version had so much more details embedded into it!


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #01


There are several things that attracted us this build, including the overall color scheme, as well as the level of details that were incorporated into the design of Rey’s Speeder, such as the netting at the side of the speeder, as well as the curves (at the top and bottom). The whole look and feel of this version of Rey’s Speeder really reminded us of UCS version of the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, both of which had so much details embedded into the builds. Especially if you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’d definitely fall in love with this model!


Check out images of this Rey’s Speeder (6 in total) below and let us know if you agree with us:


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #01


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #03


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #04


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #05


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #06


UCS Rey's Speeder - Image #07


Would You Like To Own Robert’s Version Of Rey’s Speeder?

If you agree with us that Robert’s version of Rey’s Speeder is indeed much better than LEGO’s official version of it, be sure to vote for it here: Click here to vote for Robert Lundmark’s version of Rey’s Speeder… >>