Would You Like To Build Your Own Microscale Batcave And Batman’s Tumbler?

LEGO builder, AnkTales, has recently created his own version of the Batcave, along with Batman’s Tumbler, in microscale version, and he has created videos to illustrate how to build them step-by-step.


Would You Like To Build You Own Microscale Batcave And Batman’s Tumbler?


The best part about these 2 builds is – No rare LEGO pieces required. All the LEGO pieces required can be commonly found (if you do not have some of the parts, you can easily get them via BrickLink).


If you love constructing microscale models, or if you love everything Batman, then this is something you don’t want to miss out:


Microscale-Version Of The Batcave:


Step-By-Step Instruction To Build The Batcave In LEGO Digital Designer:


Microscale-Version Of The Batman’s Tumbler:


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